Igloopod: The Perfect Garden Pod for Outdoor Living Space

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Igloopod: The Perfect Garden Pod for Outdoor Living Space

Are you looking for a unique and versatile way to expand your outdoor living space? Then Igloopod can be the answer with its variety of purposes.

Let's have a quick look:

Igloopods' frames are made of durable, recyclable material (which is loved by many of our customers) and combine with a non-stitched, very thick cover. This seamless cover does an important and wonderful job in preventing rain, while the thickness of the cover keeps the heat up several degrees inside, especially when it's very cold but the sun is out.

You don't need a hard surface for Igloopod, but if you have one, you can fix your pod with Igloopod's anchorage kit; otherwise, it'll still be durable on soft ground with our base weight kit.

You'll realize lots of features that make a difference when using the pod, but one feature cannot be overlooked.

Setting up your pod just takes a couple of hours. This part is a real game-changer. Why? Because this gives you the convenience of carrying the Igloopod wherever you want. Maybe some places and outdoor events could need a little magic. 

Source: Comfy Dome Glamping
                                Source: ComfyDome Glamping


Of course, when your pod isn't in use, you don't need to worry about storage place or small missing pieces (Igloopod doesn't have small pieces) set up for later.

And also, you can change the cover of your igloo according to your needs. On a beautiful sunny Saturday, a summer canopy cover can provide shade with some fresh air. Thus, it is easy to use your igloo throughout the year. So why would you want to remove your igloo?