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Additional space for gardens, pop-up shops and restaurants.

A pod for business to expand

A great way to maximise business seating and dining options all year round as well as taking social media by storm.

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A pod for personal space

Organize your pod the way you want. The igloopod’s peaceful environment helps you to relax, focus and get inspired.

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A pod for plants to grow

Lighter and thus easier to move. Sustains airflow and temperature that your plants need to grow.

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Technical Specification

Easy to convert outdoor garden igloopod, windproof & water-resistant garden dome, portable, build without tools, rust-rot & regular maintenance-free igloo pods, 100% recyclable


Diameter: 11' 9" / 3.60m

Base Area: 107 ft² / 10m²

Max Height

7' 2" / 220 cm


Igloopod: 69 lbs / 32 kg


The Igloopod has a practical connector system which means no screws are required for assembly.


Winter Garden Cover: Transparent

Frame Color: White

Package dimensions
(l x w x h)

Igloopod: 31" × 16" × 12"

80cm × 40cm × 30cm


Get your coffee and enjoy the tranquil moments in life with your Igloopod. Feel the wilderness outside, but inside.

Igloopod Garden Dome

Igloopod Garden Dome

Garden Dome, Garden Pod, Garden Igloo
Geodesic Dome Kit | Garden Igloopod  Simple Key to Enjoying the Outdoors  Experience the joy..
£674.00 £749.00
Replacement Cover

Replacement Cover

Garden Igloopod Replacement Cover Made from non-toxic soft transparent PVC. This cover is designed to withstand..
£400.00 £449.00

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